Monday, December 31, 2007

I Hope Santa Brought B.A.C.A.L.A a Big Brown Bag Of Asbestos For Christmas!

The Exact Science of Junk Science: Brown Bags, Asbestos, Silicosis

On 10/29/07, J Kenedeno <> wrote:

Jack BLACK or is it Black Jack......

It is Judge Jack

And Lungs Black

in twenty or thirty

it will be hard to breathe

and a constant hack hack hack

and that junk science is just a bunch of smack

and for any who claim no harm is done

for you guys by all means let us help to a sack

Silica or Asbestos take one and past the rest to the back

inhale and enjoy

today is today and you are only an employ

Now as the years go by the Golden Years are full of joy

Pleural Thickening, Mesothelioma, Silicosis OH BOY!

If you worked around with the shit flying round in the air

It dont take a rocket scientist to figure it out

U R Screwed because no matter how hard you breathe, you cant get no frickin air.

Pay the damn bill!

WATT is your Corruptor of Choice?

From the menu above, I will take a full order of the Brown Bag Wake Up Services. As far as the asbestos I am protected. I religiously wear the respirator made by Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company.

We wont know until 30 or 40 years later those mask were nothing but JUNK SCIENCE.

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Subject: Immigration / Amnesty : Is Raul Tapia in Cahoots with Thomas J Henry

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is Raul Tapia in Cahoots with Thomas J Henry

Gloria Murat; Nando Gómez; Lencho Rendón, de LR Global; el embajador mexicano Arturo Sarukhan y Raúl Tapia, de C2 Group y anfitrión de la recepción. Con ellos a la derecha, Solomón Ortíz , congresista de Texas.

Cause Number: 0762218000-1
Case Status: Pending
Date Filed: 10/08/2007
Date Disposed: //0
Num. Litigant Def/Pln Lit. Seq. # |
Plaintiff 0001
Defendant 5002
Defendant 5003
Defendant 5004
5 D.R.
Defendant 5005
Defendant 5006

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Subject: Fwd: [The Right Hand of Solomon] Solomon Ortiz is operating with increasing bravad...
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GOD knew that Lencho Rendon would be reaching into everyone's pockets, so he punished him with the birth defect of shorter arms.

Ernesto Gomez, the man who would be queen, and Ricardo Longoria, the man who is a pawn, consummated their dirty act by replacing Cris Valadez with Manny Vasquez on the PUB board. The Treacherous Trio of Bill Hudson, Renato Cardenas and Neil Simmons applauded the action as they don't want their impact fees raised from $300 to $3,000, the developers enamored with the sweetheart deal that has provided them with $40 million in profits at the expense of the utility company's ratepayers. Vasquez recently resigned in disgrace from the Brownsville Housing Authority when his suspicious activities compromised the entity's reputation, his underhanded antics, nevertheless, catching the attention of the insiders who need Ernie Hernandez clones to facilitate the shady transactions that enrich the few and cost the many. "This is a sad day for the common man," said Father Jesus P. Cadissimo. "Our council has sinned against the community again. Vasquez is a willing tool content in his role of playing the fool." Vasquez is part of Congressman Solomon Ortiz's machine. Repudiated by the Corpus Christi Caller on numerous occasions for his unethical conduct, Ortiz is operating with increasing bravado in Cameron County since The Brownsville Herald chooses to ignore his antics. "How much did he pocket on the $21 million heist at the port?" asked Cadissimo. "He is convinced that we're nothing but pendejos and he is going to plunder us." Lencho Rendon, Ortiz's former aide and longtime henchman who resigned from the congressman's office when his dealings were attracting excessive scrutiny, has descended upon Brownsville like a vulture who has spotted fresh carrion. "God works in mysterious ways," continued Cadissimo. "He knew that Rendon would be reaching into everyone's pockets, so he punished him with the birth defect of shorter arms. His life has been a living purgatory because he can't masturbate, but that hasn't stopped him from screwing the border's denizens. Like other felons, he has returned to the scene of the crime. He figures that he can match his take on the $21 million port sting by monopolizing the lobbying contracts of the public entities. Why have we let this fox back into the chicken coop? Our politicians must rest easily at night knowing that we're a stupid people."

B.A.C.A.L.A.: Abel Herrero has proven himself and his record is there for all to see; he is a fine representative

Abel Herrero has proven himself and his record is there for all to see. I am proud of Abel, he is a fine representative.

There is a natural law I always like to follow, "If it isnt broke , then it don't need fixin".

On the other hand,

Velacrat is making friends with the Federal Entrapment gang and sycophants up to the ones he believes will elevate his Rose to a Federal Judicial Bench.

Is Fil Vela going into the fraud abuse prosecution racket & the manufacturing of fraud abuse prosecutions?

Inroads (for GOP) into South Texas?

Hurt? Injured? Need a Lawyer? Too Bad!

TLR?? ..................................three little bitty letters;

nah, I wouldnt worry bout em.

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